2016 Presentations

Improving Quality Environmental Documentation - Brian Hogge (FHWA)
Stormwater - Post Construction - John Curry, P.E. (Hydro Engineering)
99% Sediment Yield Reduction in 2 Easy Steps - Barry Fagan, P.E., P.L.S. (Environmental Program Engineer)
Errors on Plans - Theresa Barksdale, P.E. (Asst. Quality Control Engineer)
Errors Found in the Field - Skip Powe, P.E. (State Construction Engineer)
Plan Submittals for Project Milestones - David Welch, P.E. (State Consultant Management Engineer)
ALDOT SUE Experience - Steve Walker, P.E. (Innovative Programs Engineer)
Designing for Pedestrians at Intersections - Clint Andrews, P.E. (FHWA)
3D Construction - Brian Girouard (Trimble)
Bentley's Open Bridge Modeler: What is it and how can I use it today? - Steve Willoughby (Bentley Systems)
Always Design Accessibility - The Box & the Bucket - Robert Hoggle, P.L.S. (Special Projects, West Central Region)
Safety in Design Criteria - Tim Barnett, P.E. (State Safety Operations Engineer)
Transportation Systems Management & Ops-I.T.S. Just Not That Complicated - Chris Hilyer (Asst State Maintenance Engineer)
I-10 Mobile Bayway Considerations - Steve Flukinger, P.E. (Thompson Engineering)
Dothan Bridge Slide - Paul Froede, P.E. (Misc. Structures & Bridge Design Section Supervisor)
Access Management - The Orange Beach Experience - Darrell Skipper, P.E. (Skipper Consulting)
CBD: NEXT Phase - Lloyd Pitts, P.E. (Volkert)
CBD Submittal Exchange - Scott Overby (Bridge Construction Administrator)